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 Resident Evil Afterlife

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PostSubject: Resident Evil Afterlife   Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:55 am

There is not secret that Paul WS Anderson is working on a script and planning on directing his lovely wife, best female action butt kicker around, Milla Jovovich, as Alice in a follow up to Resident Evil Extinction. I think this will be better the Extinction since Paul has immersed himself in creating a fun movie and this one is 3D! Now if Final Destination 3D was such a success and so much fun (for me anyways) this might really work well! Milla makes any role better!

Here is the link to Ms Milla's official site:


She and Anderson both talk about the 4th Resident Evil. I have great hopes for this one!

Milla training to do her own stunts! Now that is one cool lady! Do you know how many actors can't do their own stunts and end up with like 3 stunt people? Not Ms Milla!
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Resident Evil Afterlife
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